Developing Evidence-Based Health

This program from Harvard Medical School will give you the tools and confidence to create personalized healthy living plans for clients, patients, friends and yourself. Equipped with evidence-based resources and proven methods to motivate sustainable change, you will gain a better understanding of the relationship between lifestyle, nutrition and health. As a health coach or fitness trainer,


you will be able to support clients estonia phone number seeking to make more informed decisions.Examine the connection between a healthy lifestyle and disease and chronic conditions. Apply the five-step collaborative cycle to motivate and empower clients to adopt and sustain healthy behavioral patterns. Identify evidence-based guidelines for healthy eating patterns and explain why certain foods are health-promoting. Understand the six pillars of lifestyle medicine and explain their dependencies on one another to achieve sustained wellness.


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Create a plan for behavioral change Albania phone number list that starts a joyful journey to adopt and sustain healthy practices through all life stages. Apply a growth mindset, self-compassion and internal motivators to implement a plan for sustained behavioral change.Health and Wellness: Designing a Sustainable Nutrition Plan is designed for individuals and wellness industry professionals who want to differentiate themselves with an evidence-based understanding of nutrition, lifestyle medicine and behavior change for sustained wellness. Health coaches who seek to elevate their practice with the tools and confidence to inspire clients to make informed decisions based on unique needs and goals Careers such as nutritionist, dietician, health coach, lifestyle coach, wellness advisor and CEO, founder or owner of a health-based organization Personal trainers


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